1 1/2" (36mm) EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutter with
Diamond Blade
The small 1 1/2" (36mm) EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutter is the safest and most advanced internal pipe cutter you can get today. EzyGrind cuts pipe from the inside 3X faster than its nearest rival. Featuring an independent guide wheel that gives you maximum blade control, zero tolerance precise cutting, low friction, and reduced vibration. Plus, the custom-designed high-speed diamond blade will easily cut your PVC, HDPE, ABS pipe and concrete with minimal effort. Each internal pipe cutter includes 1 free extra guide wheel option. As a result, you get exact depths of cut within the pipe wall and maintain a longer blade life.
Reviews from our happy customers

"I have been plumbing for 18 years and have worn out a few inside pipe cutters. I decided to try something different with the tiger fish inside pipe cutter and it did not disappoint. After using it for a month, I can tell this thing it's well-made and can take a beating. It cuts smooth every time with the guide wheel, without wobbling in the pipe."
Professional plumber
I purchased the EzyGrind because it makes it easier to cut the pipe, better than a grinder. The result from the EzyGrind cut was just a perfect cut. Was just nice and easy with the 80mm blade. I like the ease with this and how it attaches to the chuck. Feels like it’s not going to come out. The appearance is simple in design but very cosmetically appealing. I recommend the EzyGrind for plumbers that fix broken pipes, pvc pipes, without having to dig it up. Just makes life a lot easier.
Professional plumber

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Get 2, 1 1/2" (36mm) Replacement Blades For Your EzyGrind

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Ensure you never run out of blades and purchase an extra set of 1 1/2" (36mm) blades at a special, one-time-only rate. 

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1 1/2" (36mm) EzyGrind Inside Pipe Cutter

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